Author and Artist Profiles (2018-2021)

In 2018, I set up this blog with the intention of conducting interviews with authors and artists I met in my travels. The earlier interviews included questions from Proust’s Questionnaire, which was not invented by  Vanity Fair nor by  Marcel Proust.



Author Profiles and Interviews


Yona Diamond Dansky – Educator, Writer and Illustrator

Alan Fyfe – T

Daniel Geary – New Writers and the Land of Maybe

Elizabeth Geoghegan – An American Writer in Rome

Nicole Kay – The Tapestry Project

Katy Kell – Capturing Chloe

Sophronia Liu – A Shimmering Sea, 20th Century Hong Kong

Vahri McKenzie – Creative Practice in Academia

Sarah Mokrzycki – Writer, Researcher, Artist

Rashida Murphy – Moving in from the Margins

Jade Norton – New Writers and the Land of Maybe

Hoa Pham – Author, Playwright and Pioneer

Nadia Rhook – Poet, Teacher and Historian

Catherine Robertson – Writing a Best Seller

Talya Rubin – The Pandemic Poetry Project

Deborah Ruiz – Reimagining Australia

Marianna Shek –  Conservations with Marianna Shek

Laurie Steed – You Belong Here

Alice Stephens –  Famous Adopted People: a Novel

Alen Tanoyo – New Writers and The Land of Maybe

Rose Tavelli –  Screen Writer and Toronto Tales

Emma Young – Journalist and Author of The Last Bookshop