‘Every poem here is like a little grenade, sometimes filled with sizzling rage, sometimes wry humour, but always with expansive wit and erudition. Vociferate is polemical, personal and political. Be prepared to be blown away!’

Alice Pung



‘Ranging across continents, cultures and languages, Vociferate is a bold poetic venture, grounded in the multiple and the eclectic, from classical music to popular film, from literature through ordinary suburban living. No subject, no assumption, is left untouched by Emily Sun’s ironic, questing visions. She is a genuinely new and distinctive presence in Australian poetry.’

Tracy Ryan

Vociferate (English) [/və(ʊ)ˈsɪfəreɪt/]: To utter (something) or cry out loudly and vehemently, especially in protest.
e.g. “He then began to vociferate his demands”

 (Traditional Chinese) [yǒng]: to chant, hum or recite.
e.g. 吟詠 [gē yǒng] – singing
吟詠 [yín yǒng] – to recite, chant, or sing poetry