I included questions from the Proust Questionnaire in my interviews after I read Ralph Fiennes’ responses to his in an old copy of Vanity fair and was shocked that we had things in common. Who’d  have thought!  The questionnaire, interestingly, was not invented by  Marcel Proust, but Proust loved  the game, and thought of it as a personality test – akin to today’s Myers-Brigg test. I only select 10 to 15 from the Proust list for authors to answer or ignore.

After all, we don’t really need to know who is the author of the book to enjoy the text, or do we?


Author Profiles and Interviews


Yona Diamond Dansky – Educator, Writer and Illustrator

Alan Fyfe – T

Daniel Geary – New Writers and the Land of Maybe

Elizabeth Geoghegan – An American Writer in Rome

Nicole Kay – The Tapestry Project

Katy Kell – Capturing Chloe

Sophronia Liu – A Shimmering Sea, 20th Century Hong Kong

Vahri McKenzie – Creative Practice in Academia

Sarah Mokrzycki – Writer, Researcher, Artist

Rashida Murphy – Moving in from the Margins

Jade Norton – New Writers and the Land of Maybe

Hoa Pham – Author, Playwright and Pioneer

Nadia Rhook – Poet, Teacher and Historian

Catherine Robertson – Writing a Best Seller

Talya Rubin – The Pandemic Poetry Project

Deborah Ruiz – Reimagining Australia

Marianna Shek –  Conservations with Marianna Shek

Laurie Steed – You Belong Here

Alice Stephens –  Famous Adopted People: a Novel

Alen Tanoyo – New Writers and The Land of Maybe

Rose Tavelli –  Screen Writer and Toronto Tales

Emma Young – Journalist and Author of The Last Bookshop