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Writers, academics and artists protest against the closure of UWAP – Open Letter

“It devalues our local writers and shows a lack of interest by the university in the literary culture of WA.”





[UWAP authors Nadia Rhook and Annamaria  Weldon]



We, the undersigned, protest the decision by UWA to close University of Western Australia Publishing (UWAP). We protest for our wages and the wages of other writers. We protest for designers, printers, bookstores, IT professionals, and other associated industries. We protest for our historians, scientists, workers in politics, academics, and truth seekers. We protest for the emerging writers and academics UWAP consistently provides with first publication, and enables publication elsewhere through recognition, prizes, and events.

We protest for the history and current reality of our West Australian First Nations, so recently minted as public discourse, and well attended at UWAP under the exemplary watch of Terriann White. We are without doubt this closure will substantially cut down Indigenous voices in writing and the publication of local First Nations’ substantiated and researched history. In turn, competing for limited opportunities with academic publishers outside Western Australia, shutting down UWAP will cut chances for publication of First Nation voices in other states.

We protest for our culture and for those not born into it yet. They should have UWAP press to be proud of as we have every reason to be proud of it now.

We accept no economic argument. Money has been found for the arts and for academic research in the past; and it will be found again in the future. That is because we understand the society we live in is a dull and lifeless prison without these things. We are writers, students, librarians, academics, artists, performers, business-people, and we are the people who take wages and delight from all these pursuits. We are everyone who can read and wants to read well. UWAP is Australia’s second oldest university publisher, a well organized and effective business, and an asset to us all. If the proposal is executed, every one of us will be hurt, including those that are actively seeking the closure of UWAP because this
will be their legacy.

We call on the public to petition the Chancellor of UWA, Robert French, and the Vice Chancellor, Dawn Freshwater, in respectful terms on this issue. We ask everyone to contact local, state, and national political officers to encourage engagement with UWAP, again in the most respectful and considered terms. We seek an amicable solution on this matter at the earliest possible date.

On behalf of #Save UWAP and, In good faith, all of the following.

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Please sign the Change.org petition.


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