Mikaela Nyman

  • Mikaela Nyman

    Mikaela Nyman – New Zealand/Nordic Poet and Author

    Mikaela Nyman is an award winning multilingual writer and poet from the autonomous  Åland Islands in Finland who is currently based in New Plymouth in New Zealand. Her debut novel Sado draws on her experience of living in Vanuatu and being part of the recovery effort post-Cyclone Pam.  Her PhD in creative writing from Victoria University (Wellington) focussed on rhetorical alliance and collaboration with Ni-Vanuatu writers; one of her collaborative poems was published in Sport 47. Mikaela’s English language  works have featured in Turbine | Kapohau, Sport, Blackmail Press, Sweet Mammalian, Minarets and Strong Words 2019: The Best of the Landfall Essay Competition.   In 2019 her first poetry collection, När vändkrets läggs mot vändkrets (Ellips) was published in…