Workshops, Talks, and Publications

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Workshop, Talks  and Conferences

Democratising Poetry  Perth Poetry Festival, 16–19th September 2021 2021


New Poetic Worlds (in conversation with Maddie Godfrey, Caitlin Mailing and Evelyn Araluen), Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival 14-16th May, 2021
2021 International AAA Professional Development Conference Poetry: Exploring inner worlds, March 2021.


Cats and Treasures: Translanguaging in Poetry from k/now/here Rising Tides AAWP Conference, Griffith University, 16 Nov 2020.

Alternative Title: Poetry and Zozobra: Can we do something about the uneasiness?

[PDF of lecture slides sans animation]


From Shelley to me: Postcolonial Asian-Australian writing. Introduction to Literature, Performance and Text, Murdoch University (Perth), May 2020,
Pierre Bourdieu’s Cultural Capital Theory: Key Concepts. Peripheral Visions AAWP Conference, Curtin University, 29 Nov 2018.
Maybe it’s Wanchai? A Narrative (and Medicalised) response to the question; Where are you really from? – Intro. Where is Your Asia AASRN/UWA Institute of advanced studies, 24 Nov 2018.


Vociferate| : Poetry and translanguaging in multicultural Australia – CAWC Symposium, Curtin and Fudan University, 29 Nov 2019.



Other Research Interests

The Meeting Place: Writing Historiographical Metafiction (PhD project)
Orientalism and Japanese Story [2004]  




2021. Vociferate|咏, Fremantle: Fremantle Press

2020. Doppelgänger Across Lands, Cordite Poetry Review [e-Chapbook]


2020. “Culinary Interpretation.” In Australian Poetry Anthology 2020, edited by Melinda Smith and Sara Saleh, Melbourne: Australian Poetry.

2020. “I See You.” Meniscus 8 no.1.

2020. “Over the Mountain and Far Away.” Meanjin 79, no. 1 (Autumn).

2019. “Initialisms.” Australian Poetry Journal 9 no. 2: 64.

2019. “It’s Not Saigon.” Meniscus 7, no. 2 (October): 40.

2019. “Macbeth of Kelantan.” Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses 57 (October).

2019. “National Treasures Coming Home.” Cordite Poetry Review no. 92.

2019. “Maybe it’s Wanchai?” Mascara Literary Review 23 (March). [Deborah Cass Award 2018 – First Runner-Up]

2019. “Dying.” Mascara Literary Review 23 (March).

2018. “Call and Respond.” Australian Poetry Journal 8 no. 2: 81.

2016. “How to Read Shakespeare While Duck-sitting in Outer Suburbia.” Transnational Literature 8 no. 2.

2016. “Lacrimosa dies illa.” Westerly: Special Issue no 2: 63-68.

2015. “Panel 4 of 6 from The Six Ages of Women.” Hecate: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Women’s Liberation 41 no.1-2: Cover

2006. “Toy Story.” Wet Ink 4 (Spring): 48-53.

2004. “Japanese Story: A Reading.” Interpretations: Journal of the English Teachers Association of Western Australia 37: 35-38.

1999. “Oxygen.” Island Magazine77 (Summer): 119-124. [Essay Competition Winner: Youth Category]


2021. “My Answer to your Question.” In The Way We Carry: An Anthology of Poetry on Childbearing, edited by Claire Delahunty, Simone King and Ella Kurz.

2020. “Pondering Cling. Wrap, Music Teacher, Message from an Ancestor, and Notes from Suburbia.” In To Hold The Clouds Anthology. Northbridge: Centre For Stories.

2019. “Points of View.” In Kaleidoscope:KSP Commemorative Anthology, Greenmount: Wild Weeds Press.

2016. “Lacrimosa.” In The Sky Falls Down: A Book of Loss, edited by Gina Mercer and Terry Whitebeach, Adelaide: Ginninderra Press.

2008. “These are the photographs we take.” In Growing up Asian in Australia, edited by Alice Pung, Melbourne: Black Ink.

2008. “These are the photographs we take.” In Culture Is …: Australian Stories Across Cultures: An Anthology, edited by Anne-Marie Smith, 136-150 Adelaide: Wakefield Press.


2020. “Eudaimonia.” [Excerpt] Centre For Stories Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship

Accessible online:

“Toy Story” PDF (2006)

 “How to read Shakespeare…” PDF (2016)

 “Lacrimosa”    e-book . (2016)




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