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Some of Emily’s academic research interests are listed below.


 In 2021, I will begin a new project on historiographical metafiction. More details to follow!
Cats and Treasures: Translanguaging in Poetry from k/now/here Rising Tides AAWP Conference, Griffith University, 16 Nov 2020.

Alternative Title: Poetry and Zozobra: Can we do something about the uneasiness?

[PDF of lecture slides sans animation]


 From Shelley to me: Postcolonial Asian-Australian writing. Introduction to Literature, Performance and Text, Murdoch University (Perth), May 2020,
Pierre Bourdieu’s Cultural Capital Theory: Key Concepts. Peripheral Visions AAWP Conference, Curtin University, 29 Nov 2018.
Maybe it’s Wanchai? A Narrative (and Medicalised) response to the question; Where are you really from? – Intro.  Where is Your Asia AASRN/UWA Institute of advanced studies, 24 Nov  2018.


 Vociferate| : Poetry and translanguaging in multicultural Australia – CAWC Symposium, Curtin and Fudan University, 29 Nov 2019.


Orientalism and Japanese Story [2004]  
Chapter 1: Introduction – Reading: a Contested Concept in the 21st Century?  –  [Excerpt from Research Masters Thesis 2018]

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