2020 Thus Far

January:  It began in Sydney. People in masks at Muji and a Duty Free Store. Production was on schedule.

February:  The new corona virus is not another seasonal flu. Phone shatters.

March: Lock Down. No toilet paper. No hand sanitiser. No eucalyptus oil. No gatherings. No tea tree oil. No aloe vera. No Isopropyl alcohol. Gin and Vodka are not substitutes. No face-to-face classes.

April: Recycled lectures begin. Still waiting for toilet paper. No paper towels or tissues. No plain flour.

May – August: Schools open? Home schooling? Algebra and fractions. The first or second fleet of invasions? Teachers pay teachers so they don’t have to teach. It’s all a blur.

September – October: Pickles and Pavolova. Pavolova died from bad conjunctivitis. Sepsis. We thought it was the inbreeding but now we think it’s because she came from the equivalent of a puppy farm. She was not a puppy.  Not having pet insurance made us really understand the choices Americans have to make. Face-to-face teaching returns.

November:  US Elections. End of hard-border.  is it the end or is it a beginning.  Implosion and/or carpet bombing of universities. Pass. Fail. Win. Lose. High. Low. Covid-19 vaccine. Yes please. Sleep deprivation. Body-shamed into going back to pilates.


December: ?



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